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Wave-Based Time-Domain Room Acoustics with Frequency-Dependent Impedance

Simulating room acoustics using a full-wave method has been made possible in the last years due to the increase in computational performance as well as the development of new numerical methods. Resent research is focusing on time-domain models using time explicit methods that are very ... Read More

Small Concert Hall Acoustics

Designing structures and open spaces with respect to sound quality is important for concert halls, outdoor environments, and even the rooms of a house. Simulating acoustics in the high-frequency limit, where the wavelength is smaller than the geometrical features, can be done with ray ... Read More

Acoustics of a Living Room

Prevent shaking windows and enhance the sound experience by careful positioning of the loudspeakers in your room. This tutorial analyzes the low frequency response of a living room to the woofer units of two loudspeakers, and solves for the eigenfrequencies of the room. The room geometry ... Read More

Eigenmodes of a Room

When designing a concert hall, it is extremely important to take the resonances into account. For a clear and neutral sound, the eigenfrequencies should be evenly spread through the registers. For the home stereo owner, who cannot actually change the shape of his living room, another ... Read More

Lumped Receiver with Full Vibroacoustic Coupling

When simulations are involved in the development of mobile devices, consumer electronics, hearing aids, or headsets, it is necessary to consider how the transducers interact with the rest of the system. Here, we show an analysis of the interaction between a vibration isolation mounting ... Read More

Electrostatic Speaker Driver

This tutorial demonstrates a full electro-vibroacoustic analysis of a conceptual electrostatic speaker driver, composed of thin conducting plastic diaphragm residing between two perforated metal sheets called grids or stators. When an audio signal is applied to the grids (out of phase), ... Read More

Generic 711 Coupler — An Occluded Ear-Canal Simulator

This is the model of an occluded ear canal simulator (a generic 711 coupler). Besides certain details the geometry corresponds to the Brüel & Kjær Ear Simulator Type 4157. The real life couplers are used for simulating the acoustics of a standardized human ear canal and can be used ... Read More

OW Microspeaker: Simulation and Correlation with Measurements

This model analyzes the electromagnetic, mechanical, and acoustical characteristics of the OWS-1943T-8CP (discontinued) speaker. Beside certain details, the geometry, material properties, and measurements are copyright by Ole Wolff. Starting from the geometry of the speaker, an ... Read More

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