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Wave Optics Modulex

Multipole Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering

The multipole expansion is a powerful tool for analyzing electromagnetic waves scattered by small objects. In the expansion, the scattered field is represented as a superposition of the fields created by a finite set of point multipoles. Each point multipole is connected to a unique ... Read More

Gaussian Beam Incident at the Brewster Angle

This model demonstrates the polarization properties for a Gaussian beam incident at an interface between two media at the Brewster angle. The model shows how to use the Electromagnetic Waves, Beam Envelopes physics interface with a User defined phase specification. Matched Boundary ... Read More

Second Harmonic Generation of a Gaussian Beam (Wave Optics)

It is possible to generate harmonics that are multiples of the frequency of laser light by using nonlinear optical materials. This model demonstrates second harmonic generation using transient wave simulation and nonlinear material properties. A YAG (lambda=1.06 micron) laser beam is ... Read More

Fresnel Lens

This model simulates a 16-level, first-order, focusing Fresnel lens with 50 µm diameter and 150 µm focal length. In one simulation, the Electromagnetic Waves, Frequency Domain interface computes the electric field in the Fresnel lens and the surrounding air domain extended to the focal ... Read More

Hexagonal Grating (Wave Optics)

A plane wave is incident on a reflecting hexagonal grating. The grating cell consists of a protruding semisphere. The scattering coefficients for the different diffraction orders are calculated for a few different wavelengths. Read More

Slot Waveguide

The model analyses the mode propagation within a nano slot waveguide. In a slot waveguide configuration, two high refractive index slabs (~3.48) are placed adjacent to the low refractive index slot (~1.44). Mode analysis was performed on a 2D cross section of a slot waveguide for an ... Read More

Second Harmonic Generation

It is more difficult to generate laser emissions in the short-wavelength part of the visible and near visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum than in the long-wavelength part. Nonlinear frequency mixing makes it easier to generate new short wavelengths from existing laser ... Read More

Plasmonic Waveguide Filter

This example of a plasmonic waveguide filter shows that the waveguide rejects the electromagnetic radiation of the wavelength between 1.4 um and 1.6 um, but allows the rest of the wavelength. The silver material can be modeled using the Drude-Lorentz approximation, with ε∞ = 3.7, ωp = 13 ... Read More

Time-Domain Modeling of Dispersive Drude-Lorentz Media (Wave Optics)

This tutorial shows how to solve the full time-dependent wave equation in dispersive media such as plasmas and semiconductors. The 2D TM in-plane wave model solves for the vector potential from the wave equation and for an auxiliary electric polarization density from an ordinary ... Read More

Polarizing Beam Splitter

Polarizing beam splitter cubes consist of two right-angled prisms where a dielectric coating is applied to the intermediate surface. The cube transmits part of the incident wave while reflecting the other part. An advantage of using this cube design, instead of a plate design, for beam ... Read More