Here you will find presentations given at COMSOL Conferences around the globe. The presentations explore the innovative research and products designed by your peers using COMSOL Multiphysics. Research topics span a wide array of industries and application areas, including the electrical, mechanical, fluid, and chemical disciplines. Use the Quick Search to find presentations pertaining to your application area.

Accelerated Electrochemical Machining Tool Design

B. Skinn [1], T. Hall [1], S. Snyder [1], K. P. Rajurkar [2], E. J. Taylor [1]
[1] Faraday Technology, Inc., Clayton, OH, USA
[2] University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, USA

Electrochemical machining (ECM) is a manufacturing technology that allows metal to be precisely removed by electrochemical oxidation and dissolution into an electrolyte solution. ECM is suited for machining parts fabricated from “difficult to cut” materials and/or parts with complicated and intricate geometries. In ECM, the workpiece is the anode and the tool is the cathode in an electrochemical ...

Multiphysics Modeling of a Minimally Invasive Tissue Ablation Methodology

J. S. Crompton [1], J. Thomas [1], K. Koppenhoefer [1],
[1] AltaSim Technologies, Columbus, OH, USA

Necrosis of human tissue can typically be obtained by exposure to temperatures below 40°C or above +50°C. However, inherent variability in tissue properties, the complexity of tissue response and dissipation of thermal energy by local perfusion or blood flow can make the development of routine, predictable in-vivo approaches to produce necrosis difficult. Although a number of thermal ablation ...

COMSOL® Simulation of Blister Actuated Laser Induced Forward Transfer (Ba-LIFT)

M. Morales [1], , J. J. Moreno [1] , D. Munoz-Martin [1] , C. Molpeceres [1]
[1]Centro Láser UPM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT) is a non-contact direct-write technique that enables the deposition of small volumes of material into user-defined high-resolution patterns with a wide range of structural and functional materials. There are many variations of the LIFT process, each differing in how the laser is absorbed and converted into the mechanical energy required for material ejection ...


王钰楠 [1], 仵杰 [1],
[1] 西安石油大学

摘要:油气勘探开发实践表明,主要油气层段中会存在 1.0m 以下的薄油气层。地质研究及试油试气结果证实,如果措施得当,这类薄储层也能获得较好的产能。为了研究高分辨率阵列感应测井仪器在含薄夹层地层中的测井响应特性,基于 COMSOL 软件 AC/DC 模块中的磁场模块,建立高倾角含层内夹层的三维地层模型,在改变目的层厚度 H、倾角 θ 及层内夹层厚度 Hj 等参数的情况下,计算低阻围岩情况下(围岩电导率 0.1S/m,目的层电导率 0.01S/m)阵列感应仪器发射源位于不同位置h时的测井响应,通过 LiveLink™ for MATLAB® 实现脚本加载模型并控制数据按一定格式输出为文本文件,利用 COMSOL 强大的后处理功能分析响应机理。 结果:倾角 0° 和 70° 时,阵列 2、4、7 的响应曲线图(图1);目的层厚改变时,阵列 2、4、7 的响应曲线图(图2);夹层层厚改变时 ...


孙金华 [1], 陆伟 [1],
[1] 中国科学技术大学

建筑发生火灾时玻璃受热破裂发生脱落行为对于火灾的发展有显著的影响。玻璃暴露区域热膨胀使得遮蔽区域受到拉应力直至发生破裂。而后,玻璃发生脱落,形成新的通风口加速火蔓延。本文采用 COMSOL 有限元的方法建立了风载荷作用下火灾中玻璃的三维物理模型,使用 Coulomb-Mohr 判据来判断玻璃是否发生破裂,研究了玻璃发生首次破裂时间和应力场分布,模拟结果与实验结果的首次破裂时间的相对误差小于 3%。本研究也为建筑防火和结构抗火提供理论基础和技术支撑。

Designing Piezoelectric Interdigitated Microactuators using COMSOL

O. Myers [1], M. Anjanappa [2], and C. Freidhoff [3]

[1] Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS, USA
[2] University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD, USA
[3] Northrop Grumman Corporation, Electronics Systems Sector, Baltimore, MD, USA

This paper presents a methodology towards designing, analyzing and optimizing piezoelectric interdigitated microactuators using COMSOL Multiphysics. The models used in this study were based on a circularly interdigitated design that takes advantage of primarily the d33 electromechanical piezoelectric constant coefficient. Because of the symmetric nature of the devices, 2D axisymmetric models ...

Modeling of the Transport Phenomena in Lithium-Ion Battery Electrolytes

A. Nyman, M. Behm, and G. Lindbergh
Applied Electrochemistry, School of Chemical Science and Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden

Modeling of mass transport is an important step in evaluating lithium-ion battery electrolytes and understanding cell performance. For high-power applications, concentration gradients in the electrolyte lead to limiting currents, which limit the power-density of the battery. The model has been used for determining a complete set of transport and thermodynamic properties for LiPF6 dissolved in an ...

Study of Artificial Molecular Engines Action Through COMSOL Multiphysics® Program

L. Moro[1], F. Lugli[1], and F. Zerbetto[1]

[1]Department of Chemistry “G. Ciamician”, Università di Bologna, Bologna, Italy

Rotaxanes are a class of molecules recently developed in laboratory that have been heralded as possible molecular motors. The motor is constituted by a linear molecule (thread) and a ring-shaped molecule (macrocycle), which is free to move along the thread, switching between two, or more, energetically stable interaction points (stations). Molecular motors start their functioning far from ...

Hydro-Mechanical Coupling in Saturated and Unsaturated Soils and its Consequences on the Electrical Behaviour

G. Della Vecchia[1], R. Cosentini[1], S. Foti[1], and G. Musso[1]

[1]DISTR, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy

The consequences of hydromechanical coupling on the electrical conductivity of saturated and unsaturated soils are investigated experimentally and numerically. Simulations of the consolidation problem under vertical load for an elastic medium and of the coupled flow of two immiscible fluids have been performed in order to check the capability of electrical resistivity tomography to reconstruct ...

Underground Coal Fire Extinction Model Using Coupled Reactive Heat and Mass Transfer Model in Porous Media

S. Suhendra[1], M. Schmidt[1], and U. Krause[1]
[1]Laboratory II.2: “Flammable Bulk Materials and Dusts, Solid Fuels”, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin, Germany

Green house gases emission associated with natural hazard of underground coal seam fire has been recognized as a worldwide problem leading to global warming threat. Therefore, in this paper a model to study underground coal fire is presented and the results will be devoted to strategic development of coal fire extinction technology within the framework of Sino-German Coal Fire Research ...