COMSOL 4.4 Multiphysics Software Release Highlights

Duration: 8:45

Watch the release highlights video to find out what multiphysics modeling news COMSOL 4.4 brings you.

With this version of COMSOL Multiphysics®, we present you with a brand new user interface (UI) to redefine your modeling process, streamline your workflow, and enhance your modeling experience. The Windows® UI of the COMSOL Desktop® includes a ribbon for easier access to your modeling tools and a clearer view of your simulation workflow. A new Mixer Module has also been added to the product suite as an add-on to the CFD Module, and new functionality has been added to the Electrical, Mechanical, Fluid, Chemical, Multipurpose, and Interfacing products.

After viewing the video, explore the complete details of COMSOL 4.4 on the Release Highlights page.

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COMSOL 4.4 release highlights (0:00) COMSOL Multiphysics Core Functionality (0:30) Fluid (2:45) Electrical (3:47) Mechanical (4:47) Chemical (6:43) Interfacing and Multipurpose (7:07)