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Solving the stress in extra dimensions inside 1D battery module

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Hi all,

Hope you all will be fine and progressing in your research activities. I have a simple question.

I am using the lithium ion 1D battery model for full cell and doing galvanostatic discharging of the cell. In the Comsol version 5.4 ( under Porous electrode, particle intercalation node, there is an option to calculate the stress and strain). When i searched the equation view it shows me the equations for the radial and tangential stresses which are solved in extra dimension node. The extra dimension is the spherical particle defined in the porous electrode domain

My question is: Can i solve the Diffusion induced stress if I click the option of (calculate stress and strain in the particle intercalation node). If Yes then how I will be able to see the results along the particle radius means I want to make the particle radius as my x-axis and stress as y-axis Thanks and Best regards Yasir Ali

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Hello Yasir Ali

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