Electroosmotic velocity flow profile

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Please I am a beginner with COMSOL and I am trying to simulate electroosmotic fluid flow in a channel inrder to capture the plug flow velocity profile. I have used the creeping flow, electric current and transport of diluted species physics to do this. I have modelled the electroosmotic flow such that the walls of the channel is subjected to an electroosmotic slip velocity. For the boundary conditions in my creeping flow physics, I have used the same inlet and outlet pressure (101325 Pa) for both and suspected that there could be a pressure build up somwhere in the channel due to the imposed boundary conditions. My simulation results keep giving me a parabolic flow profile instead of the expected plug flow profile even after changing the inlet and outlet pressures.

Please does anyone have any idea on how I can go about this?

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Hello Benedicta Nwani

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