Defining Reflectance of Material Discontinuity as a Function of Angle of Incidence

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I was reading the Diffraction Grating tutorial for the Ray and Wave Optics modules, and Reflectance and Transmittance for the Diffraction Grating were able to be defined as a function of the angle of incidence of the ray. I then tried to define Reflectance for a Material Discontinuity in a similar fashion, but I get an error that is an undefined variable (image of error is attached).

I have also tried defining Reflectance as a function of other ray parameters (such as the polarization ellipse parameters, stokes parameters, etc.), and each returns the same undefined variable error. However, I can successfully define Reflectance as a function of any of these parameters for a Diffraction Grating.

What is the difference between how Reflectance is defined for these two boundary conditions, and is there any way I can define the Reflectance of a Material Discontinuity as a function of one of the ray parameters I listed?

Thank you, Nick


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