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Deposited beam power with Frequency Domain Study

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Hi everyone,

I'm modeling a (coated) microcantilever, which is actuated by shining a laser on one side. The difference in thermal expansion between the coating material and the cantilever material causes a bending effect.

I use the following models: "Solid Mechanics", "Heat Transfer in Solids" and "Thermal Expansion". I use "Deposited Beam Power" to simulate the laser.

This model works as expected in a stationary study, but I'm now trying to extract some frequency information (with the laser being modulated). When performing this study, I get a nice resonance peak. However, the amplitude is extremely low, namely an end displacement in the order of 1e-20 (while I'm expecting something in the order of at least 1e-7). It also looks like it's not taking the laser into account, because when I'm changing the laser location, the amplitude remains unchanged.

I've read some other related topics, and I get the impression that it might not be supported by COMSOL. As I'm new to COMSOL, I'm wondering what could be an alternative solution to extract this frequency information?

Kind regards,

Stijn Paardekooper

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Hello Stijn Paardekooper

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