magnetic shielding - multiple boundary conditions

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Hi Comsol folks,

First let me say that I've really come to enjoy Comsol as a tool for my engineering work. I am working on magnetic shielding, where I have some electronics (chips) mounted on a PCB. The chips are is shielded by a mu-metal shield attached to the top of the PCB and another mu-metal shield on the bottom of the PCB.

In one of the design we have the both shields overlap but not touching each other, forming a thin gap in between. The yellow part is an a-magnetic support structure.

Finally we want to make a much larger 3d model with 12 of these shields and 2 other larger magnetic shields near each other and calculate how they influence each other.

In order to do this effectively I need model simplifications to keep computation times reasonable. For the gaps I can use the 'thin low permeability gap' from the Magnetic fields module. And for the shields itself I can use 'magnetic shielding'. Both of these are placed on boundaries. But for the overlapping part I would need 3 of these boundaries stacked on top of each other, magnetic shield – thin low permeability gap – magnetic shield. Is it possible to stack them somehow or solve this issue in a different way in COMSOL?


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