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Moving mesh in the induction heating

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I am new in the Comsol. I am solving a task from induction heating for my school work and I'm stuck.

First part of my work is an easy model of induction heating. (Rectlange as a Load and two circles as a inductor) I prepaded model, in Frequency-Transient study.Everything works good until I want to make some motion (whether with the load or with the inductor), that's where the problem comes. During my atempts I succeeded and now the inductor moves up. This move is very limited, (only 2 mm/s and in the future I will need to make it move in 3 speed level.) To achieve he motion I used moving mesh.

How can I make 3 speed level with moving mesh? In the first 4 s I need 1mm/s , then 3 mm/s (4-22s) and from the 22nd second it shoud be 2mm/s.

Moving mesh works with 2mm/s but only in time scale 0-25 s, when I want to use bigger time scale like 0-30s (0-35s), Comsol gives me an Error : Repeated error in residual computation. The solver could not recover by using successively smaller times steps. Time: 25.2439 Last time step is not coverged.

Could someone give me some tips? How can I fix my model?

Thank you very much.


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