Error during mesh : failed to generate mesh for domain intersecting face elements

Liantsoa Randriambololona

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Hello everyone,

I have a geometry where there are spherical particles is in a cylinder. Some faces of the spherical particles are overlapping between each other which is normal because I want the geometry to be that way, that the particles have a contact between each other through a surface, not just a contact point.

The geometry is fine but when I mesh it, I got the error which is the title of this discussion. I have search for a solution and came accros different propositions ( ignore faces, for assembly instead of form union, partition the domain for which I got the error message and mesh little by little), there is always a problem. Ignoring face and using for assembly create a different domain that is not in coordinate with the physics with my model, using partition domain doesn't resolve the problem because the domain seems to not change at all.

So I am searching for other propositions of solutions to solve this problem.

I've tried to use different versions of Comsol (3 5 and 6) but still have the problem.

Thank you in advance.

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Hello Liantsoa Randriambololona

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