Import of Experimental Mesh & Data

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to build a COMSOL model in order to simulate acoustic radiation from a loudspeaker cabinet. This method involves the measurement of the loudspeaker's cabinet faces with a laser vibrometer and then importing these data into COMSOL in order to calculate the SPL by the cabinet, using a BEM.

More specifically, a mesh is defined by the laser vibrometer in order to measure the vibration of different nodes on each of the enclosure's walls. These point situate at least a few centimeters away from the wall's edges, so that these edges would probably need to be meshed using a custom mesh. This means that finally a number of different meshes need to be imported into COMSOL. Even though I have managed to import individual meshes, I am getting errors with "connecting" these meshes. For now I only tried importing one mesh and connecting it with a COMSOL generated mesh for the rest of the geometry. Note that the mesh in question is in STL file format.

Finally frequency dependent vibrometer data for each of the measured points, corresponding to points on the mesh, would need to be imported. Since these data quite alot (3-4k frequency nodes per data point, with around 300-400 mesh points) it would be very convenient if there is a way to import all the data points together - ideally along with the mesh. These data were exported into .uff file and from there imported into Matlab from where they can be exported to a number of different formats, such as .csv

Thanks in advance for any input on the subject, Stelios

ps. At the moment I do not have the COMSOL files since I need to work from the university computer that has the license, but if required please let me know and I will upload them by tomorrow.


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