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modelling of magneto-electric effect in ferrite, using DC applied field to change the relative permeability

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I'm trying to construct a model of a ferrite inductor, the self inductance of which will change when a secondary coil is set nearby with a DC field on it. The aim is to show how the application of the nearby DC field changes the magnetic moment of the ferrite, effectively changing the inductance of the ferrite inductor.

I have started with the integrated spiral inductor model in the MEMS library and have succesfully modelled this, afterwards I tried the same model backed on to an iron plate, again I was able to demonstrate this succesfully.

The problem occurs when adding in a secondary coil with a DC applied voltage. I cannot get the model to converge. I am unsure of where in the process I have made my mistake. When setting the subdomain settings I have chosen a constitutive relationship of H=f(B) in order to have the Mu0 as somethign that can be varied. Otherwise the process steps are the same as thsoe carried out in the original model gallery.

Any help or feedback greatly appreciated.

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