Stacking Sequence Optimization

Application ID: 90441

Composite laminates are synthetic structures and there is always a possibility to optimize the design in terms of number of layers, material of each layer, thickness of each layer, and stacking sequence for the specified loading conditions. Many times, the number of layers, layer materials, and layer thicknesses are also governed by other factors, but it is always possible to find the optimum stacking sequence, which gives lower stress in the structure for the specified loading conditions.

This example illustrates the optimization of the stacking sequence in a composite laminate. The composite laminate considered for the analysis has six layers with symmetric layup. The Carbon-Epoxy material with orthotropic material properties is used as the lamina. The optimization analysis is performed to find the optimum fiber orientation in each layer under specified loading conditions with an objective of minimizing maximum stress value in the laminate. The layup is assumed symmetric, so three ply angles are the control variables and the BOBYQA method is applied to find the optimum stacking sequence.

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