LiveLink™ for PTC Pro/ENGINEER®

Synchronize Selections for Materials

For a more efficient modeling workflow, the bidirectional interface, included with LiveLink™ for PTC Pro/ENGINEER®, now synchronizes selections for materials. Especially useful when analyzing assemblies of many components, this feature detects which materials are applied to the components of the CAD design, and uses this information to create selections in the COMSOL Multiphysics® application. These selections are available when applying model settings, for example, when assigning materials.

Exclude Selected Object Types from Synchronization

Object types – such as solids, surfaces, curves, or points – can now be excluded from the synchronization when working with the bidirectional interface that is included with LiveLink™ for PTC Pro/ENGINEER®. While it is always possible to prevent objects from being synchronized by hiding them in the CAD design, this new functionality provides a faster way to exclude selected object types with just one click. Excluding objects can result in faster synchronization for large CAD files that contain many geometric objects that do not need to take part in the simulation, such as construction surfaces, for example.

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