Gas separation through hollow fiber membranes

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Hi, everyone

I'm trying to model a gas separation (H2/N2) through hollow fiber membranes but I am having some issues to model the mass transport through the membrane. I'm using the Transport of Concentrated Species and Laminar Flow. I would like to model this transport following the sollution-diffusion mechanism which uses the Henry's law like a boundary condition and the flux thruogh the membrane is computed by the difference of the patial pressures in the feed and permeate flow. But COMSOL doesn't seen to use the partial pressures for the mass transport, just the gradient of mole fractions and I don't know how to use the Henry's law there because we have a concentration in mol/m^3 but the interface works with the mass/mole fraction.

I'm a beginner and I am uploanding my archive and I hope anyone could help me.

Thanks, Flávio.


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