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Self-inductance as a function of time

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Hello everybody!

I've done a time harmonic > Time dependent analysis with a 3D inductor, applying a sinusoidal current similar to A+B*sin(omega*t).

First, I tried a material with a nonlinear behavior (hysteresis), and the result was a time-varying self-inductance, though it couldn't be possible because the current applied should not saturate the core.
Then, I tried a linear material (constant relative permeability), and the result was a time-varying self-inductance again!

If it helps, it's a 3D > AC/DC Module > Quasi-Statics, Electromagnetic > Electric and Induction currents model. I use the Port option to apply the current at the terminals of the copper wire.
I attach 2 pictures, the current applied (Isin) and the linear model results (L).

Anyone knows what's happening?
Thanks in advance.


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