Lumped Loudspeaker Driver Transient Analysis with Nonlinear Large-Signal Parameters

Application ID: 72941

This model shows how to include the nonlinear (large signal) behavior of certain lumped components in a simplified loudspeaker analysis. The mechanical and electrical system is modeled using an equivalent electrical circuit. The large signal compliance CMS(x) and force factor BL(x) are here nonlinear functions of the speaker location. Moreover, the mechanical damping RMS(v) is a function of the speaker velocity. The nonlinear effects associated with the compliance and BL factor are especially important at lower frequencies. This is also where a lumped modeling approach has its main application.

The model uses the built-in coupling between the Interior Lumped Speaker Boundary (or Lumped Speaker Boundary) featured and an Electric Circuit interface, together with built-in variables for the speaker location x and velocity v.

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