Wheel Rim Defeaturing Tutorial Series

Application ID: 88491

This tutorial series demonstrates three different approaches to remove small geometric entities from an imported 3D CAD geometry of a wheel rim: the Repair operation, the Defeaturing tools, and the Remove Details operation. Use Repair to automatically find and remove small entities within a specified tolerance, such as short edges, spikes, and slivers, or use the Defeaturing tools to detect, then select the entities to be removed. Both Repair and the Defeaturing tools modify the geometry, which can be exported after defeaturing to a 3D CAD format. Use Remove Details to automatically detect and remove small details on the finalized geometry, i.e. the geometry used for meshing, and defining materials and physics. Remove Details automatically sets up a sequence of virtual geometry operations that you can edit manually, for example to exclude entities that you would like to keep on the geometry.

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