Heat Transfer

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Physics Interfaces and Study Types
ExpandBioheat Transfer
ExpandHeat Transfer in Fluids
ExpandHeat Transfer in Packed Beds
ExpandHeat Transfer in Pipes
ExpandHeat Transfer in Porous Media
ExpandHeat Transfer in Solids
ExpandHeat Transfer in Solids and Fluids
ExpandLocal Thermal Nonequilibrium
ExpandLumped Thermal System
Curing reaction
Metal Processing
Alpha-Beta Phase Transformation
Austenite Decomposition
Metal Phase Transformation
ExpandOrbital Thermal Loads
ExpandRadiation in Absorbing-Scattering Media
ExpandRadiation in Participating Media
ExpandRadiative Beam in Absorbing Media
ExpandSurface-to-Surface Radiation
Thin Structures
ExpandHeat Transfer in Films
ExpandHeat Transfer in Fractures
ExpandHeat Transfer in Shells
Ambient Properties
User defined conditions
ExpandTime-dependent climate data for 6000+ stations (ASHRAE 2013)
ExpandTime-dependent climate data for about 8000 stations (ASHRAE 2017)
ExpandTime-dependent climate data for about 8500 stations (ASHRAE 2021)
Lumped Thermal System
Single Node Devices
External Terminal
Heat Rate
Radiative Heat Rate
Thermal Mass
Subsystem Definition
Subsystem Instance
Two Nodes Devices
Conductive Thermal Resistor
Convective Thermal Resistor
Heat Pipe
Heat Rate Source
Nucleate Boiling Heat Rate
Radiative Thermal Resistor
Thermal Capacitor
Thermoelectric Module
Material Library
Liquids and Gases
Orbital Thermal Loads1
Events Timeline
Ground Pointing
Implicit Event
Orbital Parameters
Planet Properties
Spacecraft Axes
Spacecraft Orientation
Sun Properties
Predefined Multiphysics Interfaces
ExpandConjugate Heat Transfer
ExpandHeat and Moisture Flow
ExpandHeat and Moisture Transport
ExpandHeat Transfer with Orbital Thermal Loads
ExpandHeat Transfer with Phase Transformations
ExpandHeat Transfer with Radiation in Absorbing-Scattering Media
ExpandHeat Transfer with Radiation in Participating Media
ExpandHeat Transfer with Radiative Beam in Absorbing Media
ExpandHeat Transfer with Surface-to-Surface Radiation
ExpandInduction Heating
ExpandJoule Heating
ExpandLaser Heating
ExpandMicrowave Heating
ExpandRay Heating
ExpandSteel Quenching
ExpandThermoelectric Effect
Radiation in Absorbing-Scattering Media Features
Absorbing-Scattering Medium
Continuity on Interior Boundary
Discrete Ordinates Method
Henyey-Greenstein phase function
Incident Intensity
Isotropic, Linear Anisotropic, and Nonlinear Anisotropic Scattering
Opaque Surface
Periodic Condition
Radiative Source
Semitransparent Surface
Radiation in Participating Media Features
Continuity on Interior Boundary
Discrete Ordinates Method
Henyey-Greenstein phase function
Incident Intensity
Isotropic, Linear Anisotropic, and Nonlinear Anisotropic Scattering
Opaque Surface
Participating Medium
Periodic Condition
Radiative Source
Semitransparent Surface
Radiative Beam in Absorbing Media
Absorbing Medium
Incident Intensity
Opaque Surface
Transparent Surface
Surface-to-Surface Radiation Features
Diffuse Mirror
Diffuse Surface
Directional Dependent Properties
Domain Opacity
Fluence Rate Calculation
Opaque Surface, Diffuse-Specular
Prescribed Radiosity
Semi-Transparent Surface
Wavelength-dependent Properties
ExpandExternal Radiation Source
ExpandView Factor Computation Method
Thermal Boundary Conditions
Axial Symmetry
Boundary Heat Source
Deposited Beam Power
Heat Continuity
Lumped System Connector
Marangoni effect (multiphysics coupling)
Open Boundary
Periodic Heat Condition
Phase Change Interface
Phase Change Interface, Exterior
Surface-to-Ambient Radiation
Thermal Connection
Thermal Connection, Surfaces
Thermal Insulation
Thermal Wall Functions, High Viscous Dissipation at Wall
Thermal Wall Functions, Standard
Expand Heat Transfer in Thin Structures
ExpandHeat Flux
ExpandIsothermal Domain Interface
ExpandThermal Contact
ExpandThin Film
ExpandThin Layer
Thermal Edge and Point Conditions
Thermal Connection, Edges
Thermal Insulation, Edge
Thin Rod
ExpandHeat Transfer in Thin Structures
ExpandLine and Point Heat Source
ExpandThin Layer, Thin Film and Fracture
ExpandWall Heat Transfer for Heat Transfer in Pipes
Thermal Volumetric Domain Properties
Battery Layers
Building Material
Heat Source
Heat Sources, Electrochemical Reactions and Joule Heating
Infinite Domain Modeling with Infinite Elements
Isothermal Domain
Optically Thick Participating Medium, Rosseland approximation
Out-of-plane Heat Transfer
Pressure Work
Shape Memory Alloy2
Solid with Translational Motion
Thermoelastic Damping
Viscous Dissipation
ExpandBiological Tissue
ExpandIrreversible Transformation
ExpandMoist Air
ExpandMoist Porous Medium
ExpandPorous Medium
Thermodynamics for Heat Transfer in Fluids
Ideal Gas
  1. All Surface-to-surface Radiation Features are available in Orbital Thermal Loads
  2. Requires all indicated products