Problem Description

When trying to run a COMSOL model, the following error message appears: Failure loading MATLAB® libraries. This model requires that MATLAB is available.


When calling external MATLAB functions, COMSOL automatically starts MATLAB in order to evaluate the function. COMSOL uses the MATLAB path set in the Windows system PATH environment variable. If you have several MATLAB versions installed, COMSOL will use the first path that is found in the PATH environment variable. Installing a new MATLAB version or reinstalling a previous version can create unwanted behavior.

  1. In the COMSOL Desktop, go to File menu and select Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences window select LiveLink Connections. In the LiveLink™ for MATLAB® section, in MATLAB® installation folder browse to the desired MATLAB installation root directory.
  3. Finally click Register MATLAB® as COM Server.

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