COMSOL Multiphysics 5.5 fails to start on macOS 11

Solution Number: 1282 Versions: 5.5

After upgrading to macOS 11, COMSOL Multiphysics 5.5 fails to launch. # Make sure you are running COMSOL Multiphysics 5.5 Update 3. From the COMSOL Multiphysics installation directory, go to the directory called ...

Unexpected error on startup of COMSOL pointing to "Could not load file or assembly 'cstextrenderer_wpf"

Solution Number: 1274 Applies to: COMSOL Multiphysics Versions: 5.6, 5.5

After installing COMSOL Multiphysics, I receive an unexpected error when launching it. Looking in the log file, it points to an issue with cstextrenderer_wpf as per below 2020-01-08T13:52:42.170+01:00 Could not load ...

LiveLink for CAD Product uninstalled after installing COMSOL Multiphysics 5.5 update 2

Solution Number: 1273 Applies to: LiveLink for AutoCAD, LiveLink for Inventor, LiveLink for PTC Creo Parametric, LiveLink for PTC Pro/ENGINEER, LiveLink for Revit, LiveLink for Solid Edge, LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS Versions: 5.5

During the update of my COMSOL Multiphysics 5.5 installation to update 2 (build number, the LiveLink for CAD product is uninstalled, and after the update I can no longer find the COMSOL Multiphysics tab in ...

When changing the license file on the license server, COMSOL Multiphysics loses contact to the license server

Solution Number: 1271 Applies to: COMSOL Multiphysics Versions: 5.5, 5.4

When the license file hosted by the license manager is changed, my running COMSOL Multiphysics session loses the connection to the license manager and does not reconnect again. This issue will be fixed in COMSOL ...

Error when trying to start the license manager for COMSOL 5.5 on Linux

Solution Number: 1268 Applies to: COMSOL Multiphysics Versions: 5.6, 5.5

When trying to start the license manager for COMSOL Multiphysics 5.5 on my Linux computer, I receive the following error message: LMCOMSOL: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by LMCOMSOL) The ...

Running COMSOL Multiphysics in an IPv6 Environment

Solution Number: 1265 Applies to: COMSOL Multiphysics, COMSOL Server Versions: 5.4

When running COMSOL Multiphysics, COMSOL Server, or COMSOL Client in an Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) environment, some functionality may not work as expected unless you apply the software patches made available ...

When the primary server for our license server triad crashes, license handling does not work.

Solution Number: 1253 Applies to: COMSOL Multiphysics Versions: 5.3, 5.3a, 5.4

When using a three-server redundancy setup for hosting the license manager, license handling does not work correctly if the designated Primary server goes down. To work around this, make sure that the license manager ...

License error -5,414 in COMSOL Multiphysics

Solution Number: 1252 Versions: 6.0, 5.6, 5.5, 5.4

In COMSOL Multiphysics 6.0, I receive some or all of the following error messages: The license could not be validated No such feature exists Feature: SERIAL License Path: C:\...\license.dat FlexNet licensing ...

Issues after updating COMSOL Multiphysics 5.3

Solution Number: 1235 Applies to: COMSOL Multiphysics, CAD Import Module, File Import for CATIA V5 Versions: 5.3

After installing an update for COMSOL Multiphysics 5.3 I have one of the following issues When launching COMSOL Multiphysics, I get an Unexpected Error or a message that the client and server versions do not match. I ...

An error is returned when running mphlaunch and mphstart

Solution Number: 1234 Versions: 5.3

If the COMSOL installation path contains a space, an error is returned when running the functions mphstart and mphlaunch at the MATLAB prompt. The error returned when running mphlaunch is: 'C:\Program' is not ...

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