Platform: Macintosh Versions: 5.5

Problem Description

After upgrading to macOS 11, I receive an error when trying to launch a compiled application.


Note: please follow the instructions below exactly. Do not attempt to copy the folders in the ZIP archive to the installation as that might lead to a invalid installation.

  • In the Finder, navigate to the directory /Applications/COMSOL55/Runtime.
  • In that directory, verify that you have a directory called
  • Right-click on (see the link below) and select Download Linked File.
  • Launch the Terminal Application.
  • Connect to your installation directory, for example, /Applications/COMSOL55/Runtime/
    cd /Applications/COMSOL55/Runtime/
  • Extract the downloaded file:
    unzip {download path}/
    In response to the prompt to Replace files, type A and press return. (If you do not get a prompt about replacing files, it is likely that you connected to the wrong directory.)