What are Batch Licenses?

The license file for COMSOL Multiphysics® contains a list of license features that correspond to the different COMSOL products and software components. With a single Floating Network License, you will see that in the license file there are two lines with license features corresponding to each product: the regular license feature and one ending in BATCH. For example, for COMSOL Multiphysics® there are COMSOL and COMSOLBATCH, and for the RF Module there are RF and RFBATCH.

The purpose of the batch licenses is to enable users to only use a single Floating Network License for simultaneously running batch jobs on a more powerful computer (or a cluster) and working with a model in the COMSOL Multiphysics® user interface (UI) on their local computer.

How Do I Use Batch Licenses?

Depending on how you launch your jobs on a computer or cluster, the approach to make sure that the batch licenses are used varies.

From the UI

If you have a Cluster Computing node or a Cluster Sweep node in your study, there is a check box called Use batch license. Selecting that check box will ensure that the batch licenses are used when the study is computed.

From the Command Line

Add the -usebatchlic option to the COMSOL command.

comsol batch -usebatchlic -inputfile model.mph -outputfile out.mph -batchlog model.mph.log
In a Submission Script

Add the -usebatchlic option to the COMSOL command.


#SBATCH --nodes=2  
#SBATCH --ntasks-per-node=2  
#SBATCH --exclusive  
#SBATCH -D "/srv/data/comsol61/bin"  
#SBATCH -o "${HOME}/logs/slurm.out"  
#SBATCH -e "${HOME}/logs/slurm.err"  

# To use the batch license, add the -usebatchlic option to the COMSOL command:
comsol batch -usebatchlic -mpibootstrap slurm -inputfile model.mph -outputfile out.mph -batchlog model.mph.log