Problem Description

I manage an FNL license and want to optimize its use by forcing the return of licenses used by COMSOL sessions that are deemed as idle for a certain amount of time. How do I configure that?


The solution is to implement an idle timeout on the license server via an options file.

If you already have an options file for your license server, it should be enough to add the line TIMEOUTALL 900 to get licenses that are idle for 15 minutes (900 seconds) to be returned to the server. After adding this to your license file, you need to restart the license manager for it to take effect.

If you do not already have an options file for your license manager, you can add one by creating a text file called LMCOMSOL.opt in the same directory on the license server computer where the license file is stored. In that file, you can add the TIMEOUTALL 900 line, save the file, and then restart the license manager.

The idle timeout can be set to higher values if desired, but the shortest period of the idle timeout that will have an effect is 15 minutes.

For more information about the use of an options file please check the second part of this Knowledge Base entry.