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Happy Birthday, Gustav Kirchhoff

March 12, 2015

Gustav Kirchhoff is known for his contributions to the study of spectroscopy, electrical circuits, and thermochemistry. Learn more about the German physicist here.

Happy Birthday, André-Marie Ampère

January 20, 2015

André-Marie Ampère is recognized today as a founder of electrodynamics. Learn about the life and accomplishments of this French physicist and mathematician.

Ada Lovelace Day, Celebrating Women in STEM

October 14, 2014

October 14 is recognized in the scientific community as Ada Lovelace day, named after Ada Lovelace, one of the first computer programmers. The day is meant to celebrate women in STEM.

Happy Birthday, Michael Faraday

September 22, 2014

Did you know that Michael Faraday is credited with discovering electromagnetic induction in 1831? Learn more about this British physicist and chemist.

Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla

July 10, 2014

From discovering the rotating magnetic field to inventing the Tesla coil, Nikola Tesla made countless contributions to science and physics. Learn about the life and work of this household name.

Happy Birthday, Guglielmo Marconi

April 25, 2014

Guglielmo Marconi is best known for pioneering long-distance radio transmission and helping develop commercial radio. Learn about the life and work of the Nobel-Prize-winning electrical engineer.

Happy Birthday, Josef Stefan

March 24, 2014

Josef Stefan is known for deriving the relationship between the radiant energy of a blackbody and its temperature, known as the Stefan–Boltzmann law. Learn more about the Austrian physicist.

Happy Birthday, Nicolaus Copernicus

February 19, 2014

Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus first theorized the concept of a heliocentric universe. At the time, this was controversial. Now, more than 500 years later, we believe him.

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