3D Parametric Full Eye Model Gives 20+ Years of Better Vision

David Enfrun, Aurélien Maurer, Kejako, Switzerland

To correct presbyopia, researchers at Kejako, a medical device company in Switzerland, are developing a noninvasive laser eye treatment, supported by numerical simulation. In order to realize this goal, the Kejako engineers turned to multiphysics simulation. To successfully create a simulation upon which treatment would be based, many phenomena need to be taken into account, including the fluidics of the aqueous humor, the optical behavior of the lens and cornea, and the behavior of the muscle ligaments as they deform the lens. Ultimately, the team's mechanical and optical multiphysics model of the eye, which combined eye deformation and ray tracing, was validated with existing measurements, adding further confidence to their approach.

Visualization of the total displacement and ray trajectories in a 3D parametric full-eye numerical simulation.