COMSOL Assists Master Chef in Winning International Competition

Dagbjorn Skipnes

Nofima Norconserv AS,
Stavanger, Norway

Nofima is a research group majority owned by the Ministry of Fisheries that performs research and development in aquaculture, fisheries, and the food industry. Nofima collaborated with the Norwegian Centres of Expertise – Culinology and Chef Gunnar Hvarnes to promote halibut through a cooking competition and provided research to ensure a new recipe for a fried halibut fish roll was cooked properly.

By creating a model using COMSOL Mutliphysics, the hot and cold spots in the oval-shaped fish roll were located (contrary to the original thought). The team was then able to determine how long the fish should remain in the frying oil, how long it would take to reach the desired temperature in the center, and how long to let it cool.

The award-winning halibut dish from Chef Gunnar Hvarnes