Current Transformer Design That Combines Finite Element Analysis and Electric Circuit Simulation

Dr. Rolf Disselnkötter
ABB AG, Ladenburg, Germany

Transformers have been around for quite a while but their fundamentals are still being investigated by ABB in Ladenburgh, Germany. The ABB Corporate Research Centre is currently developing sophisticated magnetic sensors, using finite element analysis (FEA) to investigate the way in which external electrical sources and loads impact a magnetic subsystem like a transformer core.

Their goal is to see how geometrical design, materials, primary current distribution, temperature, and the electric circuitry will affect the accuracy of the electric current measurement. This User’s Story presents a few of their models and some of the general conclusions they have been able to make.

Dr. Rolf Disselnkotter of ABB AG, Ladenburgh, Germany, models the multiphysics applications related to transformers.