From Spreadsheets to Multiphysics Applications, ABB Continues to Power Up the Transformer Industry

Mustafa Kavasoglu, Romain Haettel, and Anders Daneryd, ABB CRC, Västerås, Sweden

The buzzing sound you sometimes hear when walking past high-voltage transmission lines is caused by transformers used for regulating voltage levels. Standard performance and safety regulations require that the noise level be kept within a certain range. In this story, read about how a team of engineers at ABB CRC uses COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation software to evaluate the acoustic, mechanical, and electromagnetic performance of their transformer hardware. In addition to using numerical analyses to optimize their transformer designs and minimize noise, the researchers have also used the Application Builder in COMSOL Multiphysics® to create simulation apps for other teams at ABB. This enables colleagues to run studies based on their original simulations, spreading the virtual testing capabilities companywide. The apps have been distributed to other offices using a local installation of the COMSOL Server™ license, which makes the apps easy accessible through a client or web browser.

Screenshot of a simulation app created for calculating eigenfrequencies of the transformer core. At left, a tab in the app shows the model inputs; at right, results are shown for the calculated eigenfrequencies. Deformations are exaggerated for visibility.