Getting Touchy-Feely with Touchscreen Design

Peter Vavaroutsos, Andy Kiernan, Cypress Semiconductor, San Jose, CA

We rely on capacitive touchscreens whenever we interact with a smartphone, MP3 device, or car video screen. Touchscreen designs vary by application, so each stack-up (a touchscreen component) is customized for the intended environment.

Engineers at Cypress Semiconductor used COMSOL Multiphysics® to improve their touchscreen designs for a variety of uses and optimize their performance. They also created simulation apps based on their models that allow colleagues to test and verify custom designs requested by customers. Cypress also uses COMSOL Server™ to deploy their applications, enabling app users to access apps with a Windows®-based client or web browser.

Touchscreen app created with the Application Builder and run using a Windows®-native client connected to COMSOL Server™.