Light, Strong, and Defect-Free Laser Welding: Perfecting the Process for the Automotive Industry

Sadok Gaied, ArcelorMittal, France
Philippe Le Masson, Mickael Courtois, Muriel Carin, Université Bretagne Sud, France

Dozens of safety features in modern automobiles help reduce risk while driving, but regardless of their complexity, the most important obstacle between passengers and other cars is the frame. Safety standards require certain strengths for car frames, and much of this strength comes from the joints. Poor weld quality can lead to unnaturally high stresses and diminish the strength of a frame. ArcelorMittal, a high-quality steel manufacturer, is working to optimize their welding process to ensure proper performance and stability of their joints. They created a multiphysics model that determines optimal operating conditions for the production of defect-free joints.

Three-dimensional view of the fluid flow directly around the keyhole during its formation.