Multiphysics Modeling in the Biopharma Industry

Pablo Rolandi, Amgen, USA

Amgen, a leading multinational biopharmaceutical company, produces various drug products that have treated serious illnesses in millions of people around the world. Behind every product is a plethora of processes, and a diverse portfolio of simulation tools is needed to ensure drug safety and efficacy. Engineers at Amgen use the COMSOL Multiphysics® software as a platform modeling tool for their workforce. They have developed models that eliminate bottlenecks in production, ensure sterilization standards are met, and integrate uncertainty in operating conditions into the drug time of delivery calculations. These multiphysics models are then turned into simulation apps and deployed via an internal portal through a local installation of the COMSOL Server™ product.

Sterilization process app that calculates the concentration of ethylene oxide. Process engineers use this app to determine if concentration levels are high enough to warrant sufficient sterilization.