Optimizing Ultrasound Piezo-disk Transducers

Lorenzo Spicci & Marco Cati
R&D Department
Esaote S.P.A.
Florence, Italy

Esaote S.p.A. produces medical diagnostic systems, including the manufacturing and sales of ultrasound imaging systems. Lorenzo Spicci and Marco Cati are researching ways to improve ultrasound probes to maximize their performance, knowing a smaller, more effective machine could make this technology more accessible.

They used COMSOL Multiphysics to create a model of these transducers, coupling the acoustics to the structural deformation of the piezoelectric devices. This allows them to investigate the impact of changes made to materials and operation, and provide feedback to the device manufacturers. Their specific focus was measuring the impact on bandwidth when using different mechanical layers, and seeing how it could be steered or directed.

COMSOL model showing how the silicon lens allows the ultrasound beam to be steered or directed