Simulation-Based Design of New Implantable Hearing Device

Patrik Kennes
Cochlear Technology Centre, Mechelen, Belgium

Cochlear Technology Centre Europe (CTCE) develops new technology for hearing implants. Their current work is with a new type of hearing implant, a Direct Acoustic Cochlear Implant called CodacsTM. This product imposes structural, pressure waves directly to the cochlea, stimulating it this way, as opposed to amplifying sound.

Using COMSOL Multiphysics, the team was able to test the many different characterics of the device, and physical phenomena affecting it. This included the structural, acoustics, electromagnetic, and piezeoelectric properties and design of the implant. Their analyses saved the team from a costly trial-and-error approach and permitted them to optimize their new technology using the one simulating technology on the one uniform platform.

Codacs is a trademark of Cochlear Ltd.