Virtually Tuning an Automotive Audio System

Michal Bogdanski, Francois Malbos, Michael Strauss;
HARMAN, France

HARMAN is a market leader in connected car setups and equips 80% of the world's luxury cars with premium audio systems. Each type of vehicle requires a unique setup, as factors such as placement and orientation of speakers, speaker packaging, and driver enclosure geometry greatly influence the sound experience.

To quickly and accurately provide customers with a design, the team at HARMAN uses mathematical modeling to fine-tune their setup before creating a physical prototype. They use the mechanical, acoustic, and electrical capabilities of the COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation software to implement their designs in a virtual environment. This ability to assess their design based on simulation improves the quality and speed of the development process at HARMAN, shortens turnaround time, and lowers the cost of design changes.

Sound pressure levels throughout the car cabin.