How to Dynamically Modify Geometries in Simulation Apps

Andrea Ferrario July 13, 2016

The Application Builder is a powerful tool for transforming models into customized, easy-to-use apps. An app’s intuitive user interface (UI) not only gives you control over simulation inputs and geometric parameters, but it also enables you to program the app to perform complex operations. Today, we’ll demonstrate how to create an app that allows you to dynamically create or modify geometry parts and apply appropriate physical specifications and mesh, all thanks to the power and flexibility of the Method Editor.

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Andrea Ferrario April 30, 2015

Electrical machines are an important pillar in modern industrial society. Among the different types of electrical machines, rotating machines such as generators and motors take up a central role. The Rotating Machinery, Magnetic physics interface in COMSOL Multiphysics is designed specifically for modeling these systems. Follow along as we explore how to model rotating machinery and detail best practices for working with this feature.

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