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Using Effective Mass for Thermomechanical Calibration

September 2, 2014

Researchers from the University of Alberta use simulation for an efficient and noninvasive way to achieve thermomechanical calibration. Learn more about their research and its applications.

Acoustic Levitation Puts a Pure Spin on Medicine Fabrication

July 16, 2014

Engineers from Argonne National Laboratory used multiphysics simulation and trial-and-error prototyping to optimize the effectiveness of an acoustic levitator for medical fabrication.

Portable Cordless Vaccine Storage Device

June 24, 2014

Their goal? To optimize the design of a passive vaccine storage device. Their tactic? Combining experimentation with the modeling of thermal and vacuum systems in COMSOL Multiphysics®.

Air Pressure Sensor Performance Relies on a Solid Design

June 11, 2014

Ever wonder how your car can tell when there’s low pressure in a tire? Sensors are placed at the bottom of each tire hub and measure air pressure automatically while the car is in motion.

Optimizing Recloser Performance with Simulation

December 24, 2013

During snow storms or windy days, a branch might break and short-circuit a power line’s electric current as it falls. The first task of a recloser is to interrupt this short-circuit, i.e. to open or disconnect the affected overhead line from the feeding network source. The second task is to try to re-establish power after a short time by to re-closing the line, taking advantage of the fact that most of the reasons for a short-circuit of an overhead line […]

Modeling Bone Strength Using Isotropic and Anisotropic Materials

December 20, 2013

The question of exactly how strong living bones are poses many important considerations for the medical industry. There is not currently a single-purpose device in the field to test bone strength. However, it is possible for researchers to get measurements of bone strength by modeling the entire makeup of the bone and using multiphysics simulation to perform stress and strain analyses. Simulating bone strength starts with a simple map of the external topology of the bone and then delves into […]

Skimboard Hydrodynamics: It’s All in the Boundary Conditions

August 29, 2013

When it comes to recreational water sports, simulation can make a dramatic difference in performance. Skimboards are a perfect example of this. These short, thin boards are similar to surfboards without fins and they allow riders to float on the water’s surface and glide. In order to improve the design of the board, one group of researchers relied on hydrodynamics to understand the interaction between water and skimboards.

Acoustics Tutorial for Modeling Organ Pipe Design

July 19, 2013

The way the sound is shaped as it passes through the pipe of an organ is the result of a carefully calculated and intricate pipe design. Browsing through the Model Gallery, I came across a model of an organ pipe, and it happens to be a great acoustics tutorial for using the Pipe Acoustics, Frequency Domain interface in COMSOL Multiphysics. Let’s talk organ pipe design, and walk through how we can model it with multiphysics software.

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