Preparations for this Year’s Multiphysics Event

Fanny Littmarck January 17, 2012
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There is a lot of excitement in the office at the moment. In fact, the excitement is beginning to transcend the walls of our building and creep into the discussions in our online communities as well.

So what’s causing such a stir?

Just late last week my colleagues in the marketing department finally locked in event dates for the COMSOL Conference 2012 (dates for each location listed below). Perhaps I’m biased, but I absolutely love this event. The preparations, the actual occasion, and the aftermath make me giddy. This year’s conference program is almost finalized, and I hear there are going to be a couple of neat changes this time around, so look out for details on that. During the event I love looking at all the posters and it’s a tricky business choosing which user presentations to attend. The caliber of the projects that everyone has been working on never ceases to astound me, and I know our committee tends to have a tough time picking winners for the best paper and poster awards. I wonder what fascinating work will be presented this year?

COMSOL Conference 2012 Details

If you would like to stay up-to-date on new details about the conference as they are made available or if you are thinking about presenting at any of the events, submit your notice of interest here:

COMSOL Conference Boston 2012, October 3-5

COMSOL Conference Milan 2012, October 10-12

COMSOL Conference Bangalore 2012, November 2-3


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