See Pipe Flow in Action

Phil Kinnane July 16, 2012
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David Kan has previously blogged very well about the Pipe Flow Module, where he described the fundamentals behind this new product of ours. Now, you can see this module in action at a webinar run on July 19th. Check out the details and registration for the upcoming Pipe Flow Simulation Using COMSOL webinar.

This new Pipe Flow Module is for those who design and optimize pipe and channel networks. These can be found in many industries such HVAC, chemical plants, and the oil, gas and mining industries. Being a member of the COMSOL Multiphysics family, the Pipe Flow Module seamlessly integrates with the other products and is used in applications like the cooling of engine blocks and turbines, heat and mass transfer through building ventilation systems, and acoustics.

Just to give you a taste of what to expect during this webinar, check out the following video:



  1. Dilip Apte October 11, 2013   6:31 am

    Does this software include any external heat input, whereby the fluid to be heated is inside the
    Tube? Can multiple / sequential heat inputs be allowed in the simulation?

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