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Optimize 3D Printers by Modeling the Glass-Transition Temperature

December 22, 2016

Interested in 3D printing? Find out how researchers from Bangladesh and the United States analyzed a 3D printer head via heat transfer simulation.

TNO Advances Virtual Material Design in 3D Printing

December 23, 2015

Researchers at the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) are investigating how 3D printing can be applied to material design. Get the full story.

The MTC Builds a Simulation App to Optimize 3D Printing

July 23, 2015

Engineers at the Manufacturing Technology Centre built a simulation app to efficiently analyze an additive manufacturing technique known as shaped metal deposition. Read the full story…

Learning with Technology: 3D Printing in the Classroom

October 13, 2014

As 3D printers become more affordable to the average consumer, more and more teachers are starting to use these devices within their classrooms to teach students about additive manufacturing.

Selective Laser Sintering for Prototype Production

August 22, 2014

A type of 3D printing called selective laser sintering is used to produce everything from metal prototypes and plastic, ceramic, and glass materials to coffee! Learn about modeling this process.

The Age of 3D Metal Printing

August 7, 2014

3D printing (also called additive manufacturing) can involve the use of plastics and metals. Take a more in-depth look at 3D metal printing and its potential to revolutionize manufacturing here.

3D Printing: Material Matters

December 4, 2013

In the past, we’ve discussed a few of the extraordinary uses of 3D printing (or additive manufacturing) technology by some innovative engineers, and even printed a few of our COMSOL models. In one of our previous posts on 3D printing, we discussed some of the limitations that this technique poses from both a consumer and manufacturing stand-point — you can only print one material at a time. Now however, as was mentioned in an article in Desktop Engineering, not only […]

Success Stories and Limitations of 3D Printing

July 25, 2013

From supporting research to creating custom prosthesis, what doesn’t 3D printing seem to promise these days? We all know 3D printing has arrived, and the technology is already being put into practice by companies and tech-savvy consumers everywhere. It seems there’s a new 3D printing success story published every day, and no matter how fascinating, it makes you wonder about the wider repercussions and limitations of 3D printing.