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Keynote Video: Simulating the Drying of Cellular Foods

December 25, 2018

How about them (dried) apples? Empa uses multiscale modeling to analyze the dehydration of soft cellular food products, such as dried fruit, and scale their processes for mass production.

Keynote Video: Improving Synchrotron Light Sources with Applications

December 19, 2018

For synchrotron light sources, brighter is better: RadiaSoft LLC creates and deploys wave optics simulation applications to design improved vacuum chambers for a synchrotron upgrade project.

Keynote Video: Designing Lightning Protection Systems with Simulation

December 12, 2018

Can lightning strike the same place twice? Either way, it is challenging to model. When designing lightning protection systems, NTS Lightning Technologies turned to multiphysics simulation.

Keynote Video: Designing Improved Heart Pumps with Simulation

December 5, 2018

Abbott Laboratories designed “the most complex machine ever implanted into a human being” — an LVAD for heart failure patients — using multiphysics modeling. The result? Saved lives.

Why Participate in a Panel Discussion at the COMSOL Conference?

November 28, 2018

We talk to moderators and panelists from past COMSOL conferences to find out how the industry-specific panel discussions “add a new dimension to the conference!”

Keynote Video: Optimizing Test Connector Designs with RF Simulation

November 26, 2018

At Signal Microwave, RF simulation is used to optimize test connector designs quickly and efficiently, giving the organization a unique advantage when it comes to being a small business.

COMSOL Conference 2018 Lausanne Paper and Poster Awards

November 8, 2018

Out of the 190+ presentations at the COMSOL Conference 2018 Lausanne in Switzerland, 6 multiphysics simulation projects given Best Paper and Best Poster awards by popular vote.

Photos from the COMSOL Conference 2018 Lausanne

November 2, 2018

Here’s the photo album from the COMSOL Conference 2018 Lausanne. Try to spot an original Swiss cowbell, traditional Swiss cheese and wine, and the group of alphorn players.