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Happy Birthday, Berta Karlik

January 24, 2019

Berta Karlik helped discover the naturally occurring version of element 85, astatine. She was also the first woman to teach at the University of Vienna.

An Homage to Stephen Hawking

January 8, 2019

We reflect on Stephen Hawking’s life as well as his contributions to cosmology, including A Brief History of Time, black holes, zero-gravity flight, and beyond.

Happy Birthday, Émilie du Châtelet

December 17, 2018

Émilie du Châtelet is known for translating Newtonian concepts, discovering a conservation law for total energy, and publishing an expansive work called Foundations of Physics.

Happy Birthday, Ellen Swallow Richards

December 3, 2018

Ellen Swallow Richards, an American chemical engineer, improved sanitary engineering and was the first woman to attend, graduate from, and teach at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Happy Birthday, Sir Horace Lamb

November 27, 2018

Sir Horace Lamb, a prolific applied mathematician and leader in hydrodynamics research, was one of the first four professors at the University of Adelaide in Australia and was knighted in 1931.

Happy Birthday, Edwin Hubble

November 20, 2018

Edwin Hubble is an observational cosmologist who proved that the universe expands at a constant rate. His namesake Hubble Space Telescope was launched by NASA in 1990 to continue his research.

Happy Birthday, Lord Rayleigh

November 12, 2018

Did you know that Lord Rayleigh was the first person to explain why the sky is blue? He also discovered argon and won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Happy Birthday, William D. Coolidge

October 23, 2018

William D. Coolidge was granted a total of 83 patents throughout his life, 2 of which you might find particularly interesting: tungsten filament and the Coolidge tube.