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Happy Birthday, Claude Shannon

April 30, 2018

Claude Shannon ushered in a new age of communications technology, contributing ideas about testing digital circuits, coding messages in binary, and programming artificial intelligence.

Happy Birthday, Leonhard Euler

April 15, 2018

His last name is pronounced “oiler” and he is considered one of the greatest mathematical scientists of all time. Learn about the life and work of Leonhard Euler.

Happy Birthday, Pierre-Simon Laplace

March 23, 2018

Pierre-Simon Laplace contributed to celestial mechanics and helped develop an equation for pressure across a curved surface. He also had his demons. The Laplace demon thought experiment, that is.

Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein

March 14, 2018

Albert Einstein, Nobel prize winner and “Person of the Century”, is known for developing the special and general theories of relativity and the law of the photoelectric effect.

Happy Birthday, Joseph von Fraunhofer

March 6, 2018

Joseph von Fraunhofer is known for developing the spectroscope and discovering a set of spectral lines that are now known as Fraunhofer lines.

Happy Birthday, Frances Spence

March 2, 2018

Frances Spence worked on the first digital computer, Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC), during WWII. Learn more about her dedication to computer programming and STEM.

Happy Birthday, Alessandro Volta

February 18, 2018

Alessandro Volta started out by studying how static electricity generates a physical response in frog legs. The unit of electric potential and electromotive force, the “volt”, is his namesake.

Happy Birthday, Robert Maillart

February 6, 2018

Balancing structural engineering and artistic capabilities, civil engineer Robert Maillart designed some of the world’s most impressive bridges, including the Salginatobel and Schwandbach.