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Blog Posts Tagged Food Science

Analyze Solar Food Dryer Designs with Heat Transfer Modeling

January 6, 2016

You can use heat transfer simulation to analyze solar food dryer designs and identify optimal building materials, including phase-change materials, which conserve the solar heat.

Nestlé Sweetens the Candy Production Process with Simulation

September 16, 2015

Question: How does a well-known candy company ensure that each of their signature chocolate bars has the same consistency, texture, and taste? Answer: Fluid flow simulation!

Tears of Wine and the Marangoni Effect

March 24, 2015

Have you ever noticed that when drinking a glass of wine, sometimes “tears” fall down in the inside of the wine glass? This is the Marangoni effect in action! Learn more and see examples…

Hydrocooling Analysis for Fresh Produce Safety

November 10, 2014

During the hydrocooling process for tomatoes, bacteria can seep through and contaminate the food, making it unsafe to ingest. Researchers from Cornell University used simulation to investigate.

Improving the Beer Brewing Process with Simulation

September 26, 2014

Which side of home beer brewing are you more interested in: The culinary side, like the recipes and ingredients, or the engineering one, like the conjugate heat transfer and chemical reactions?

The Science of Composting

September 23, 2014

Compostable coffee pods in recyclable packaging are an environmentally friendly way to get your morning caffeine fix. But what exactly is the science behind the composting process?

Hygroscopy of Brown vs. White Sugar, the Banana Bread Test

September 11, 2014

Physics in the kitchen: We bake 2 loaves of vegan banana bread to compare the hygroscopic properties of white and brown sugar. Get details — and the recipe! — on the blog.

Eat First, Research Later: Exploring the Role of Eggs in Baking

August 5, 2014

Leavening, binding, moistening: 3 of the roles eggs typically play in baking. Learn more about the science behind baking with eggs, and how vegan baked goods compare, on the blog.