What is Corrosion?

Phil Kinnane April 25, 2012
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While working on a project that involves corrosion I found this site that spends quite a bit of time explaining the phenomenon. This lab at the NASA Kennedy Space Center has done a great job in summarizing the different types of corrosion that can occur, and how they do occur. Galvanic and pitting corrosion are a couple of types I’ve heard of, but filiform corrosion is a new one.

Physics of Corrosion, by Mittal, using COMSOL Multiphysics

This site suggests that corrosion is a $276 billion/yr problem in the US. You would think there would be a reason to model it. Well, we’ve seen corrosion modeled in COMSOL before. This User’s Story gives a great account of how it can be done, and I suggest you look into it.


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