CAD Import Module Updates

For users of the CAD Import Module, COMSOL Multiphysics® version 6.2 provides improved edge selection for the Cap Faces feature and support for updated CAD file format versions. Read more about these updates below.

Improved Edge Selection for Cap Faces

The Cap Faces feature now includes a new Group adjacent edges check box in the Settings window. This feature can be enabled to automatically select all edges in a loop when clicking on an edge.

The Cap Faces operation is used to repair a hole and create a solid from the geometry, which was imported from a STEP file. Using the new Group adjacent edges check box, the edges adjacent to the hole are selected with one click.

Updated CAD File Import

The CAD file import functionality has been extended to support the most recent versions of the supported file formats. Additionally, importing the SOLIDWORKS® file format is now available on a supported Linux® operating system with an Intel® 64-bit processor. A current list of supported CAD file formats can be viewed within the Read from File section of the CAD specification chart.