LiveLink™ for Simulink® Updates

Block for Reduced-Order Models

For users of LiveLink™ for Simulink®, COMSOL Multiphysics® version 6.2 provides a new block that makes it easier to work with reduced-order state-space models. The new reduced-order state-space block has three inputs and one output. It minimizes the complexity of using reduced-order models in Simulink® by only requiring the user to write the variable name of the state-space data that is exported from mphreduction. This new functionality allows users to save time setting up and modifying their reduced-order state-space models while still performing the necessary computations.

A Simulink diagram showing the reduced-order state-space block with three inputs and one output.
An example showing the use of the reduced-order state-space block in a Simulink® diagram. The block has three inputs and one output.