LiveLink™ for Excel® Updates

For users of LiveLink™ for Excel®, COMSOL Multiphysics® version 6.2 provides an improved COMSOL ribbon tab, support for evaluation groups, and access to Model Manager database files from Excel®. Read more about these updates below.

Improved COMSOL Ribbon Tab

The COMSOL ribbon tab within the Excel® user interface has been revamped with improved grouping and naming of buttons to optimize the workflow. The ribbon now includes an Open Linked button that can be used to quickly open the COMSOL model linked to the workbook you are working with, for example, to compute and update results in the workbook. A COMSOL Desktop button is also available in the ribbon tab and can be used to open the linked model in the COMSOL Desktop® to visualize updates made from Excel worksheets.

A close-up view of the ribbon in Excel® with the COMSOL 6.2 tab highlighted.
The COMSOL ribbon tab with improved grouping and naming of buttons.

Evaluation Groups

Using the new Evaluation Groups button in the ribbon tab, it is now possible to evaluate the expressions defined in evaluation groups and insert the results into Excel worksheets. A corresponding Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) method is also available.

An Excel worksheet with an evaluation group table and multiple result plots of a motor model.
An evaluation group table inserted into Excel® from the Permanent Magnet Motor in 2D model.

Model Manager Support

It is now possible to browse models saved in a Model Manager database when opening models with the LiveLink™ add-in in the Excel® user interface.

The COMSOL settings in Excel® with the Open From Database button highlighted.
The Open From Database option can be used to open a model from a Model Manager database.