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Happy Birthday, Gustav Kirchhoff

March 12, 2015

Gustav Robert Kirchhoff was a German physicist famous for his vast contributions to the study of spectroscopy, electrical circuits, thermochemistry, and more. Kirchhoff developed laws and theories fundamental to electrical engineering, heat capacity in chemical reactions, and the composition of light emission from incandescent objects. He even helped discover two new elements! In honor of what would have been his birthday, here is a look at Kirchhoff’s legacy.

In the Spotlight: Conserving and Restoring Art with Light

March 10, 2015

Conserving and restoring art requires a balance between maintaining the quality of the work and respecting the artist’s initial creation. Advancing technologies now offer less invasive ways of analyzing artwork and bringing pieces back to their original condition. Since 2015 is the Year of Light, let’s explore how light can be used to conserve and restore paintings.

Lab-on-Paper Technology Enhances Medical Diagnostics

March 3, 2015

In the diagnostics industry, developing devices that enable autonomous testing is an area of focus. One such device that has been available commercially for many years is the lateral flow test. With its easy-to-use format and short turn-around time for results, this device has become a valuable resource in medical diagnostics. See how researchers at the University of Rhode Island have built upon this technology to facilitate the diagnosis of more complex conditions.

2015: A Year Celebrating Light and Light-Based Technologies

February 11, 2015

The impact of light in various technologies has been evident in the past several years. Recognizing its significance in shaping the future, the UN General Assembly designated the year 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies. We introduce you to a few interesting technologies in which light plays a crucial role.

The Science Behind Stained Glass

February 6, 2015

While the designs have become more elaborate, the manufacturing of stained glass windows has remained relatively the same throughout its history. We go beyond the beauty of the art form and dive into the science behind its production.

Happy Birthday, André-Marie Ampère

January 20, 2015

On this day, the French physicist and mathematician André-Marie Ampère was born in Lyon, France. Recognized as a founder of electrodynamics — or what is today known as electromagnetism — Ampère helped establish a theory defining the relationship between electricity and magnetism. We continue to celebrate the importance of his discovery in creating the groundwork for future developments in both of these fields.

From Books to Technology: Pop-Up Fabrication Techniques

January 19, 2015

The use of 3D structures in the design of pop-up books is a unique tool that fosters engagement in reading. Within the scientific community, researchers have found a use for these same fabrication techniques in the development of new technologies. We discuss these “pop-up” techniques and how they have shifted from libraries to research labs.

Personal Thermal Management with Highly Insulating Clothing

January 13, 2015

Could there be a substitute for indoor heating in the future? New research from Stanford University suggests that highly insulating clothing may provide enough heat that we can reduce or even eliminate the need for traditional heating systems. Today, we explore this research as well as other fabrics favorable for staying warm — and cool.